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Suggested itineraries

HIKING: Ailefroide - La Condamine - La Blanche - Lake of pass - shelters of banns - head of the Troy - Vallouise climbing: blocks in Ailefroide - Montbrison - head of downstream of Montbrison pincers - rock of Patel - Ponteil - lilies - head of Gaulent - the Cerces wall and Queyras mountaineering: Le Dome des Ecrins - the crossing of the Dome du Monêtier - Eastern Ailefroide - barre des Ecrins - the crossing of the edges of Scialouze - Pic of Glacier du Blanc - foothills of banns - Le Pelvoux...
Alpine skiing: Station of Pelvoux (on-site) and Puy Saint Vincent (in 15 minutes) with many routes quality hiking SKI off-piste: the white - Dome des Ecrins...
ICE climbing: one of the most beautiful sites in Europe with the valleys of the Fournel and Freissinières SPORTS AÉRIENS: the head of upstream - la Condamine - Dome des Ecrins - Pelvoux - Roche Forio - Arsine glacier peak

Summer Activities

Mountaineering, hiking, climbing...

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Starting point for the highest peaks in the Ecrins, the centre will make an ideal base camp.

The Barre des Ecrins 4 102 m or the Dôme through the Ecrins hut, unavoidable passing point.
The Agneaux, Neige Cordier and many other peaks from the Glacier Blanc refuge. To set the mood, read the comic book Désiré Lamour 
The Pelvoux 3 943 m and its crossing through the refuge bearing the same name, with a croissant for breakfast at 3 AM! 
The Ailefroide 3 847 m  through the Sélé hut. It is said that the hut warden is a local flora specialist! 
The  Bans 3 669 m through the hut with its new young dynamic hut wardens who will offer you a bbq every wednesday.
Book your stay in out huts before coming! 
Cross the range accompanied by a high moutain guide with our  Stages Montagnes de la Terre  
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Au départ ver le lac de l'Eychauda


Discover the most beautiful routes in the heart of the Ecrins National Parc (departure on foot in the valley of Chambran), the GR 54 (tour of the Oisans) and hiking routes in the Queyras Regional Parc, as well as in the Clarée, Guisane and Freissinières Valleys…

Here are a few suggestions of easy stroll to discover Vallouise when you stay at the Eychauda.
D1: Eychauda Centre (1250 m) – Ailefroide Village (1500 m)
Around 3 ½ hours back and forth for an incursion in this hamlet in the centre of the Ecrins National Parc and massif. You can stop at one of the bar or restaurant where you will meet a lot of alpinists and climbers to be in a Mountain atmosphere.
D2: The Refuge of the Bans (2083 m) from Entre-les-Aygyes (1604 m)
4 hours to get to a real refuge and come back. You can just have a meal or a drink there, but why not try the real experience of a night in a high mountain hut?
D3: The Crossing of Salcette (2331 m) from Bouchier (1510 m)
5 to 6 hours to walk there and back. From this little peak, you will discover a unique overview on the Ecrins massif, the Durance valley, the Queyras etc
D4: The Eychauda Lake (2514 m) from Chambran (1715 m)
You have to pay a visit to the lake who gave its name to the centre. 4 to 5 hours to walk there and back, but how many hours will you spend chilling or taking a siesta in front of the lake?
D5: Black Glacier Morraine (approx. 2450 m) From the Pré de Madame Carle (1850 m)
The starting point of this 6 hour stroll is a must-see for anyone staying in the Vallouise Valley. By going on this morraine, you will avoid tourists and discover the austère north rims of Pelvoux, Ailefroide and the Pic sans nom of , cradles of mountaineering.
IGN Map Meije-Pelvoux 3436ET and Briançon 3536OT for J3

Other hiking suggestions   here >>>



From very short to long climbing courses, from equipped routes to adventure ground, from 3 to 9, there is something for everyone.


The « mountain » courses:  Sialouze, the Bans, the Black Glacier long rims.
The one spot you cannot avoid: Ailefroide with its equipped routes, enough to keep even the best climber busy.
The highest chalky cliffs of France: Tête d’aval, Tenailles de Montbrison as well as shorter cliffs for half a day- routes: Le Ponteil, Freissinières.
Diverse learning sites: Entraygues, Fessourrier, the Vignette, the Traverses...
Bouldering at Ailefroide, second biggest bouldering spot in France.
And the Eychauda ACW for the rare rainy days.




Via ferrata en Vallouise


Aerial sports : Nearby take off sites of Puy Aillaud and Puy St-Vincent (10 mins drive). The mountain lovers can take off from the Pelvoux, the Dôme des Ecrins, the Blanche, the Condamine…
Please remember that you are flying in the Ecrins National Parc, read the recommandations >>>
Mountainbike : routes of various difficulty on paths or forrest tracks.
Via Ferrata : a frontier area with the Freissinières via ferrata, but also the Vigneaux, Tournous or Durance ones.
Canyoning : the Eychauda, the Fournel, Chichin, and the famous route of the Oules of Freissinières for expériences canyonners …

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